Thursday, March 14, 2013

bailey & justin pre-wedding...

oh man, this wedding was so much fun! i had met bailey the year before when she was just starting to plan her wedding and totally fell in love with her. then i met justin last winter when we did some engagement sessions, and just fell in love with him. i was so excited to be a part of their big day. i fell in love with the rest of their families and friends, and was so happy to spend the day with such wonderful, welcoming and loving people!
we met bright and early at the lincoln center, where the reception would be held later on that evening, and it was such a cool, old & unique building. the excitement totally showed on her face and she wouldn't stop smiling all morning! :)

she had made a cute little memory book for justin to open that morning in the 'guys room'. they still hadn't seen each other for the day.

it was funny to see the difference in the way the bride and the groom get ready. i think it took justin a total of 10 minutes to get ready while bailey had been getting ready all morning long! :)

she wanted a first look photo with her dad before we went downtown to have the first look with justin. it was so sweet and her dad was so great! i think every little girl needs a father like him, you could tell he loved her so much!

all three of them; mom, dad and bailey were all pretty emotional at this point.
then the wedding party and the family started meeting downtown for some pictures. 
first the groom and his groomsmen arrived...
then the bride and her bridesmaids hurried out of sight for the 'first look':
then the big moment happened, and it was oh so sweet!

these ladies, of course, wanted to see the whole thing so they hid behind trees:

you could just tell they were so happy and best friends...

then family started to really arrive and we snapped a few pictures:

despite the craziness, these two held on to each other the whole time...
the bridal party...

apparently this is what was happening behind the scenes with the groom and his best man... :) 
So glad we got this shot! :)

oh, and here's another behind the scenes look at how things really went down that day. a little bit of craziness and a lot of fun and a lot of love! :)

next, the church and the reception...

Friday, March 8, 2013

kaylee & tim wedding...

like i said, kaylee & tim got married and it was beautiful and fun and so great to be a part of their big day! i just love this family!

their good friend made this cute little clothes pin couple that is a mini kaylee & tim. it was so cute!
so handsome...

her new last name is lines, and i knew that there was some lime green splashed into the colors of her wedding, so when i saw this cute little lime green L, i knew that i had to get it for them.

i can't take credit for this picture; my good friend christy ivory came along with me for the day with kaylee & tim and took some candid photos and captured little moments that i missed. not only was it so much fun photographing with her, but she is so so so talented! this shot was all her idea and doing. i love christy!
4 generations of 'percival' hands...
wedding decor was rustic and mostly all homemade. it was beautiful!

this is my favorite of brooke, the bride's older sister. if you know her at all you know that it literally pained her to wear a dress all day and do girly wedding stuff. so i was so happy i captured this moment and look on her face! :) ha ha!

it was such a fun and memorable night with two wonderful families! thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!

Monday, March 4, 2013

kaylee's bridals...

this lovely lady got married, and we were able to go out a few days before and get some of just the beautiful bride. found a perfect location and it was just heavenly!

i love kaylee and her family and was so happy to be a part of her big day! it was so much fun, of course everything is fun with the percivals! :) next up is her big day!